I work freelance in Design and consider design as a process of understanding a problem from its cause and addressing it accordingly. It starts with profound research, can be inspired by theories, involves all stakeholders and takes all aspects of the current situation apart, mixes all these insights anew and thereby creates numerous possible solutions.

From here it's a constant process of advancing.

In 1995 I started my professional career in print, continued as a web developer and studied Design in Cologne and Paris from 2005 on. After several years in working as a UX Design consultant I finished a Master in Urban Design in Hamburg 2016.



According to my professional career you might already imagine that I feel at home in various design disciplines. However: The human need is always the key focus of my work, no matter whether it is product-related or about urban issues.
Also, I believe in exchanging of ideas with others. Awesome people create awesome work – I am very much a team player.