Working freelance in Design I consider design as a process of understanding a problem from its root and addressing it accordingly. I am happy to support your project with UX and user research and create both usable and actionable concepts with visual design in mind.

From here it's a constant process of advancing.

In 1995 I started my professional career in print, continued as a web developer and studied Design in Cologne and Paris from 2005 on. After several years in working as a UX Design consultant at Adobe and IBM I also finished a Master in Urban Design in Hamburg 2016.


As a result of my professional development, you can already imagine that I feel at home in various design disciplines. No matter whether it is product-related or about urban issues, the human need is always the key focus of my work.
Also, I believe in exchanging of ideas and love Design Critique as a feedback format. Awesome people create awesome work together – I am very much a team player.